Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 3

Ryan: So, my original plans to hit up Rumbling Bald today fell through. Instead, I headed out on a beautiful Boone day to the boulders along 221. I met up with Pat Goodman and Jessa to see some areas and problems I hadn't seen before. We started out at the M1 area, which I had been to once early last semester. After doing some very fun warm ups I started trying Instinct (V8/9). Pat showed me the original beta to the problem, which involved a jump start to the first hold and an awesome lock-off move on a small crimp. The jumpstart definitely added to the problem both in quality and toughness. I fell at the crux move first go and then spent a short session figuring out the move and sending the problem. I was psyched to climb this one, it's such an aesthetic boulder problem! Next we headed up the hill to climb a good many easy/moderate problems. They were all great problems and it was nice to get some milage in. West Texas (V2) was incredible. After we had finished up with the moderates we walked down the road to the Dungeon area. I had never been there before, but I know I'll be going back. I spent most of my time in the Dungeon trying Green Dragon (V9). It's a really interesting problem that is both physical and technical. It involves a pretty intense right heel hook on a small incut edge, along with some pretty small and bad hands. I was so close to sending after working it for a little while, but my heel popped! I was starting to get tired and decided that I would just have to come back with fresh skin and muscles to put this beast down. But before we left I made a very quick ascent of Four Horsemen (V7), which was yet another great problem. I can't wait to get back out to 221 and handle some unfinished business along with try some new lines that Pat pointed out to me. There is so much rock with so many cool looking lines! Unfortunately, today was my last time climbing outside for the next week. I need to let my skin heal up because I am flying out to Boulder, CO on Wednesday! I am headed out there to compete at ABS Youth Nationals and am psyched for the event! They are always lots of fun. I'll be making posts (hopefully) everyday after I have competed to update how I am doing. It's going to be hard not to climb outside this week, but I really need to be in top form for the weekend. As for now, here are just two pics I shot of Instinct. They do not give the problem justice at all, as the picture quality is not the best, but I am working on solving that problem..


  1. you crusha, sounds like an awesome couple of days! Have an awesome week out in CO, I know you'll show 'em how this bouldering thing is done. Represent!

  2. What gorgeous line, have fun at nationals.